homemade pinecone elves sitting on mossy grass


  1. Fun post Amy! This project is taking me back to my childhood. My great aunt loved making ornaments and created some similar to your adorable elves. We cherished them for years! Pinning!

    1. Thank you Michelle, we always made ornaments and so I am going back to my roots! I am so glad it brought back fun memories fo you!

  2. Such a fun project, Amy! I’m in love with the little house! This little elf village is a winner!

  3. What a fun project, Amy! My Brookie would love to create this. I’ll have to put it on our craft list! So happy to join you ladies, this month! xo

  4. So fun Amy! I love their little faces and scarves! Sweet idea!

  5. Loved the idea. I absolutely adore seasonal crafts. I was wondering, for someone who might be new to crafting, are there specific types of pinecones that work better for this project? Looking forward to trying this out with my kid!

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