Summer Decorating Ideas on A Budget and Home Tour

I don’t know about you, but we are on a budget for decorating this year, and I am finding it easier than I thought to make my home beautiful without spending a fortune.

There are so many things you can buy in the stores, but you can DIY for that high-end designer look on a budget with a little bit of effort!

Some of my favorite DIYs are the most simple, but they always have a big impact and are almost always extremely inexpensive.

Marketplace finds, and thrift stores are my first go to and I have gotten sooooo lucky recently.

Outdoor Oasis before the Makeover

While it eagerly awaits its transformation, it’s already dressed in the vibrant colors of summer: red, white, and blue.

With a few simple accessories like cushions, throw pillows, and a few herbs and DIY flower pots.

The outdoor table is set with my favorite Blue Willow China and red tulips. Also, this citronella candle in vintage vessels and broken tea cups helps to keep the bugs away!

I literally walk this stone path to my studio many times a day and it is one of the best things I have ever done! I love it and can’t imagine my backyard oasis without it!

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