Magnolia Wreath (With a twist)

Have you wanted to find a magnolia wreath for your front door? I have the perfect idea for a statement magnolia wreath for you!

I was inspired by the wreaths on this door because of the beautiful color combination including the blue and white tiles.

So when I got home I went straight to Hobby Lobby and bought a magnolia wreath half off to try to recreate this one.

By the way, I looked online and couldn’t find a fuschia wreath but I did find this Magnolia Wreath at Pottery Barn. I love it but a little out of my price range and not fuschia.

- Hobby Lobby Magnolia Wreath - Drop cloth - Ironlak Acrylic Spray paint in the color Pose Sushi

Supplies Needed

Separate Leaves Separate your magnolia wreath leaves. The Hobby Lobby Magnolia Wreath has leaves in sets of three.

Spray Each Leaf Hold spray paint can about 6 inches away from each leaf and spray in short bursts over each magnolia wreath leaf individually.

Spray Each Leaf Set and Wreath Underneath Go around the entire wreath spraying each leaf and leaf set and the grapevine wreath underneath until it is fully covered.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!