How to Update Cherry Cabinets (Without Painting!)

Who says cherrywood cabinets are destined for a life of gray and beige paint companions or getting painted over with white?

It’s time to debunk that myth and embrace the rich, luscious tones of cherrywood with a pallet that enhances their natural beauty.

Cherrywood cabinets are a beautiful finish and are making a comeback.

Are Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets Still in Style?

So I believe that cleaning them up with a non-abrasive and non-wax cleaner and painting the walls around them and adding in decor and upholstery in the fresh new color palette will make you feel like you have a brand new kitchen!

How do you make cherry cabinets look modern?

By cleaning up your cherry cabinets, adding some new hardware, and painting and updating the surfaces and walls around them, you can make them look like they just arrived!

Kitchen Color Schemes with Cherry Cabinets

Here’s my unconventional, yet undeniably harmonious color pairing for those timeless cherrywood cabinets. Adding these colors in with paint or with accessories and upholstery is the idea.

Let’s start with Benjamin Moore’s sweet cream, a warm, inviting hue with a soft yellow tone that plays up the warmth in cherrywood.

Benjamin Moore Sweet Cream with Cherry Cabinets

Palace green is a deep, refined shade that complements the depth of the cherrywood and offers a sophisticated contrast.

Benjamin Moore Palace Green with Cherry Cabinets

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