How to Prep and Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

Here, I will show you how I prep and arrange my grocery store flowers to look expensive and have a big impact!

I love picking up flowers at the grocery store. Especially if they’re on sale! I also love going to the flower shop and picking out fresh flowers from the cooler to take home and arrange myself!

Flowers make people happy. It is the way it is. The smell, the colors, the thoughts, and the varieties. You can’t look at colorful flowers and be sad for very long! I cherish my days at the flower shop!

I took away a few tips while prepping the incoming flowers and getting them ready for the cooler.

Cut Your Stems And Place In Cold Water

Using a sharp pair of floral scissors, cut your flower stems at an angle and put them in cold water immediately.

Choose Your Vases Or Vessels That Your Cut Flowers Will Go Into On Your Table 

Fill your vases with cold water. I chose these small ball jars they were simple and perfect for the colorful arrangement.

Going with the theme of easy, I just started placing 2 of each rose color making a teepee with the stems, and then adding the purple filler flowers at the end.

Arrange Your Flowers

I felt like keeping it simple and low would allow for easy visiting across the table but there are times when I want a gigantic tall overflowing arrangement.

Make Multiples For A Big Impact

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