How To Paint The Best Black Front Door

A front porch can be a welcoming space for visitors, a cozy retreat for reading a book, or a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. However, over time, a front porch can become worn and outdated.

A quick and budget-friendly way to give your front porch a new look is by painting and changing up a few simple things for a big impact!

One of the challenges of a black front door (or any darker color) that is in direct sunlight is that it will get very hot.

A black front door will fade faster in direct sunlight as well, but it’s easy to repaint and totally worth it in my opinion for the curb appeal.

- Krud Kutter Deglosser - Mask and Peel - Wooster Pro 2-inch angle brush - Farmhouse Paint Company Evolution Paint in the Color Bohld Black

Supplies for Painting Your Glass Front Door

Clean and sand any chipping paint on the door with Krud Kutter Deglosser.

Clean and Sand

If you have a glass front door, use Mask and Peel to protect the glass without having to tape everything off. It’s such a time-saver!

Protect Glass

If your door is new or if it has a layer of older paint on it, prime it to be safe. This will ensure that your new black paint will stick without any issues.


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