How to Paint Flower Pots for the Porch

It is time for planting our pretty flowers and I want to show you how to paint flower pots for your porch!

There are so many ways to paint your flower pots, but I had some leftover product from my Roman Clay Faux Finish in Black, so I used it to coat my terra cotta pots, and it is stunning!

I will be able to use it outdoors and bring it in if I want or need to because it goes with my interior design and my backyard patio decor as well! Win Win!

I had some leftover clay from the Faux Roman Clay Finish I did in my entryway and it was perfect for this year’s back porch makeover that I am getting ready to do.

- Pots - Joint Compound - Paint - Rustoleum Flat Black Primer spray paint - Amy Howard at Home Liming wax

Supplies Needed

Pick your pots Both of mine happen to be terra cotta, but you can choose plastic flower pots, resin flower pots, or just about any type of surface with this method.

Prime I used one coat of Rustoleum Flat Black Primer to prep both of these clay pots and get them ready for my Roman Clay Mix.

This is the one coat that is halfway done.

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