How To Make Terra Cotta Pots Look Vintage Using Crayola Air Dry Clay

In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to use Crayola Air Dry Clay to create unique terra cotta pots by adding fun butterflies and knobs and white wax and make them look vintage!

Every month my friends and I in the Handcrafted Society share a fun project and this month we all made something with air dry clay.

– Terra Cotta Crayola air dry clay – Terra cotta pots – Iron Orchid Designs Butterfly Mold


– Scenery Products blended turf, fine green powder from the model section at Hobby Lobby – Amy Howard at Home Liming wax

I used Crayola air dry clay in the color terra cotta

Rather than using white and painting everything to match, Crayola has this terra cotta color and it is so good.

I used such a tiny amount to make this entire project, but I suggest you only do one small scoop at a time rather than getting a big scoop out and working fast to get it into the molds.

Work the clay

Work the clay around in your hands to warm it up and make it pliable. It will get your hands orange but it washes right off and didn’t stain my hands.

I worked the clay into a shape that would fit along the lines or size of the spot in the mold where it was going.

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