How to Make Leather Earrings Without a Cricut

Today I wanted to show how to make leather earrings without a Cricut machine. It is possible and it’s pretty easy!

I started making these leather earrings a few years ago when Gigi was a baby and I could not find the color of leather I needed or wanted.

It was definitely easier to make my own than find leather earrings in team colors.

Everyone I gave earrings to still wears them to this day. I think because my leather is real and it gets better with time!

- Sharp scissors - Hole punch or leather punch - Genuine leather - Earring hooks - Ruler

Supplies Needed

Pick Your Pattern Simple shapes are easiest to cut. I like teardrop and bar earrings and they were a big hit with my people!

Cut Shapes For the bar shape I happened to have a strip of leather in my scrap bag that was already a great width so I measured it into two inch sections and cut it straight across.

Add a small hole At the top of your earring, find the center and get very close to the top.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!