How to Make Easy Homemade Bath Bombs: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

I want to show you how to make easy homemade bath bombs with this step-by-step tutorial so that you can have a soothing, relaxing bath and have soft, smooth skin too!

This homemade bath bomb recipe is natural, and I have a few fun ways to make it extra special as a gift or for yourself!

It’s quick and easy to make, and you can find the ingredients easily.

This all-natural bath bomb tutorial is part of my heartfelt handmade gift series with my friends.

- Bath Bomb Molds - Whisk - Baking Soda - Citric Acid - Cornstarch - Coconut Oil - Essential Oil

Bath Bomb Supply List

Mix the dry ingredients together with a whisk and press them through a mesh strainer with your hands.

Mix oils and/or extracts together.

Mix in the oil mixture slowly so that you don't activate the "fizz".

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