How to Make a Red White and Blue Patriotic Basket Vase

I love red, white and blue projects in the summer so when I found some clearance vinyl at Hobby Lobby in red, white and blue, I had to get it.

All together it was around $10 and I will be able to make multiple projects with it.

Today’s project was just an idea I had in my head that I wanted to try out and I love how it turned out!

I love a good weaving project and this clearance vinyl was screaming to be a basket weave, don’t you think?

- Red, White and Blue Vinyl - Rotary Scissors - Cutting Mat - Hot Glue Gun - Large Glass or Plastic Vase

Supplies Needed

Measure and cut your vinyl into 2 inch strips leaving 2 inches at the top uncut as shown here.

Next, fold the vinyl in half to cut the colors into 2 inch strips.

This time you will cut all the way through so that each 2 inch strip is separated. I used my rotary scissors and straight edge on my cutting mat to make sure my strips were even.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!