How to Make a Felt Bookmark With Embroidered Initial

Today I want to talk about how to make a felt bookmark with embroidered initial.

This was my first attempt at embroidery since high school so when I say I have done embroidery before just know that it has been a minute! LOL.

I am reviving my old skillset to make handmade gifts this year!

I hope you will follow along with the fun handmade gifts I have planned coming up.

- Felt - Embroidery floss - Scissors - Embroidery needles

Supplies Needed

Fold felt over to create triangles I had square felt sheets from a Cricut project so I folded over my favorite green color meeting up corner to corner.

Cut felt Cut the felt straight across on your pencil line.

Choose a stamp I cheated and used an alphabet stamp with my initial (A).

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