How to Make a DIY Funky Mushroom Lamp

Mushroom lamps have been all the rage lately, and it’s no wonder why. They bring a touch of whimsy, a soft glow, and an instant cozy vibe to any room.

But why settle for  store-bought when you can roll up your sleeves and make your own funky mushroom lamp?

I am not a mushroom lover for food or decor, but I found these lamps for $10 and they were the perfect shape.

Now I love them and I think they add so much charm. I will be moving them to my new office as soon as it’s done and I have shocked myself at how adorable they are!

They started out silver and they were the perfect mushroom shape, but they needed to be much more whimsical so with a little paint and some imagination these little lamps had a facelift!

This base got a coat of rosegold metallic Rustoleum.

To give it a mushroom stem look I used a light coat of a verdigris green just enough to look organic and not a full coverage.

The idea I had first was for a pink mushroom but after spraying the shade with the blush color (which I love) it just wasn’t very mushroom-y so I went over it with the claret wine from Rustoleum.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!