How To Make a Clay Bowl By Hand

Making a handmade clay bowl is easy to do and this story will show you how!

These handmade clay bowls are so easy and fun to give as gifts! If you have a painter friend, I have the perfect bowl for resting watercolor paint brushes!

My daughter in law has inspired by lately because she is throwing pottery on her pottery wheel. She has made some beautiful things.

I have wanted a bowl that I could comfortably hold in my hand to hold paint and rest my paintbrush so that it doesn’t roll around, so I made one!

- Air Dry Clay - Parchment paper - Cornstarch - Brayer - Smooth ornament or small bowl

Supplies Needed

Warm the air-dry clay Warm the air-dry clay by squeezing it a few times in your hands to get it pliable so it can be shaped easily.

Roll the clay into a ball Rolling the clay into a ball first will make it easy to get a uniform consistency when you go to roll out your clay.

Roll out the clay Use a brayer to roll out your clay into a circle. Roll the clay to about 1/4 inch thick. Use cornstarch on your clay and brayer so that it doesn’t stick.

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