Fourth of July Home Decor Ideas Using Fabric Scraps

This simple fourth of July pillow made with fabric scraps is my all-time favorite!

I love how it turned out and how inexpensive and easy it was to make!

My Thrifty Style Team friends and I are at it again!

There are some really simple and very thrifty ideas for summer home decor and recipes! I can’t wait to try some of them!

Choose Fabric in patriotic colors. I looked for red, white, and blue fabric but not fabric that was necessarily stars and stripes.

Fourth of July Pillow with fabric scraps

Canvas/ Linen Pillow Cover I used this Canvas pillow cover from Hobby Lobby and I got it half off of $9.99.

Trace a star shape I traced a star shape onto paper first and then pinned it to my blue fabric to cut out my star shape. I didn’t want to trace it onto my fabric directly.

Measure and snip I had 1/4 of a yard of both my red and white floral fabric left over so I measured and snipped them at 3-inches apart.

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