European Inspired DIY Garden Walkway

How we made a European-inspired DIY garden walkway from my back porch to my shed!

So I recently did a thing.  I asked my husband how much he loved me, and he gave me his automatic response to that question, “What do you want?”.

Well, since I had put in my She Shed a few months ago, I was walking through the mud to get to it. It needed a walkway from my back door to my shed.

I did a quick drawing, and off to the store we went for some additional bricks and white marble stones for filler.

How I started the Process for my Garden Walkway

How we Made a Diy Garden Walkway

We dug our lines to match the drawing I had made. I didn’t want it to be a straight shot. Like in life, there needed to be some exciting twists and turns!

Adding the Large Rocks

I placed the largest stones first in the front, middle, and end.

I made a small landing in front of the doors to the shed because I will be loading and unloading furniture and larger items in those doors, so I wanted it to be safe and create a “porch” feel.

We filled in the “porch” and created rock gardens on either side. I added 3 Blue Rug Junipers on the larger side.

Add Marble Landscaping Rocks

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