DIY English Garden Walkway

So I recently did a thing. I asked my husband how much he loved me and he gave me his automatic response to that question, “what do you want”.

Well since I had put in my She Shed a few months ago I was walking through the mud to get to it. It needed a walkway from my back door to my she shed that was affordable and still beautiful.

With a quick Pinterest search and quickly found some doable ideas. I already had large flat rocks and some red bricks from the fire pit that I had put in when the boys were in high school.

I did a quick drawing and off to the store we went for some additional bricks and white marble stones for filler.

- Paving Stones or large flat rocks - Edging bricks or some kind of edge - Pebble rocks or white marble rocks - Weed barrier paper

Supplies Needed

Dig Pathway Outline This was just a 2 to 3-inch “ditch for the bricks to sit in so that they could hold the weight of the marble stones.

Install Weed Barrier After we dug the ditches (lol) we laid a quality weed barrier that was 3 feet across and went the entire length of the walkway.

Laying Brick Walkway Edging The next step was laying the bricks in the ditches. Ensuring that we firmly covered the edges of the weed barrier with the brick.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!