Chinoiserie Lantern

Do you love Chinoiserie lanterns? I want to show you how I made the prettiest little blue and white chinoiserie lantern for under $5!

A blue and white chinoiserie lantern is one of my favorite things. I also love lights, lamps, lanterns, even candles basically anything that gives light and is beautiful.

When I think about light, I think about its many meanings. Yes, there is physical light from the sun, the moon, the chandelier, the candle, but the deeper meaning of light is so special.

I know that’s a little deep for a chinoiserie lantern, but I feel that if I needed this reminder then someone else needed it too!

- Chinoiserie Napkins - Remote Control Puck lights or remote flameless candle - Clear Jar - Mod Podge

Supplies Needed

Choose your napkin I got these napkins at my Tuesday Mornings a few weeks ago. They are Spode, but I could not find them online anywhere!

Separate your napkin plys Most napkins have 3 layers. The top decorative layer and 2 white layers underneath.

Adhere your napkin to your canister I applied my mod podge in an even layer and in even strokes around the entire canister including the curve just under the threads of the canister top, and slightly over the bottom edge as well.

Swipe up for the full tutorial!