citronella candle with blue and white teapots and red tulips


  1. Leslie Watkins says:

    Oh, who knew you could make these? I love your container choices! Thanks for the inspiration…on my list to do now!

  2. Amy this is a fantastic tutorial. I have so many vintage vessels! I’ll be making these for our beautiful new deck!

  3. Amy such a great idea! I had no idea you could make your own. Perfect for a summer porch!

  4. Amy such a great tutorial. This is perfect and love the vessels you chose to put the candles in. Thanks for hopping with me!

  5. Hey Amy! I love this post! Every year I buy citronella candles in ugly pots I don’t like! It never crossed my mind to make my own! I love the idea of putting them in vintage cups! I’m pinning this right now! Thanks for the inspiration! Here’s to a happy summer! Donna

  6. Amy thank you for giving such thorough and easy to understand instructions! I have always wanted to make citronella candles. I love that you pour them into unique vessels as that will elevate a tablescape in such a beautiful way!

  7. Love this idea! It is so great!!!!

    I just bought a citronella candle and paid $24.99 for it! I have so many great pots around here to use to make some. These would make great gift ideas too!

    OUI Yogurt…wait to you see what I made with them. Save them people so many great things you can do with them.

    1. You have to make a candle ! It is so nice to use my vintage bowls that otherwise sit in the cupboard!

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