outdoor couch and coffee table furniture


  1. Beautiful, Amy! I love the photos of Gigi helping out. She is so adorable.

    1. Thank you Rachel! It is still so pretty! I love it too!

  2. So pretty, Amy! I love that bunch bowl arrangement. I would have NEVER known it was plastic! What a great idea. The best part…that picture of your sweet GiGi! Happy Memorial Day, friend!😘

    1. Pretty tour and I love hydrangeas!! Your wreath is pretty. On my list this fall.

      I’m not a fan of snakes at all. Spiders are on top of the list too


      1. Thank you Cindy! I don’t love spiders but at least I feel like I can out run them LOL!

    2. Thank you Kim! I saw it at the store and I had to try it out!

  3. Oh my goodness Amy–your snake-in-the-wreath story is freaking me out! We can definitely still be friends, and can we add scorpions to the don’t-like list?! Fortunately, I have only encountered them very rarely, but they tend to make an appearance in extreme weather here–hello, Texas! They don’t like a soggy ground and after more rain than usual this spring, I killed one on the driveway last week, eek! Your summer decor is charming, and no, I CAN’T believe you got your outdoor set free. That’s the best and you styled it beautifully–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Cecilia, It is freaking me out too! I am glad we can still be friends though because I love you! I am definitely adding scorpions to my list. Can’t wait to style the outdoor furniture for the 4th!

  4. Libbie Burling says:


    I love all of your pretty bowls, especially the one filled with lemons. Perfect for the summer season. Lovely touring with you this week. 🙂

    1. Thanks Libbie! Great tours this week for sure!

  5. Happy Almost summer! Hope you get some cool weather so you can enjoy this next season. I too would freak out about the wreath/snake situation. Eeek! Love the wreath inside. Also loved seeing sweet Gigi in a picture too. Thanks for joining me this week friend!

    1. Thank you for inviting me! Gigi loves to be in the pictures! She is so sweet!

  6. I love seeing your out door space and your new furniture! How fun to have something new to style and decorate, especially with your cute assistant! 😉 Stay cool my friend!

    1. Staying cool in the pool! LOL I am ready for some fresh mint water now!

  7. I love your home. I love the lamp you made! I’d to know how you did that!

  8. Amy, thanks for the tour and summer ideas, especially the punch bowl arrangement! You’ve scored some great FBMP finds – between that and hating snakes we can definitely be friends!! 😂

    1. Thank you Kate! I love some FBMP finds!

  9. So many great ideas. I didn’t hear about the woman getting bit by the snakes. Yikes. Hugs to you, my friend.

    1. It was crazy and I am scarred! So it looks like indoor wreaths from here on out!

  10. How nice to see your home looking so lovely for Summer. I love the free furniture, it doesn’t get any better then that.

  11. Everything looks so pretty, Amy. Perfect for summer. And I LOVE that gorgeous wreath!

  12. I am so happy to be friends, Amy! I am not a fan of snakes either!!
    Your summer home is so pretty! I love your wreath and the fun touches you have added! Happy Summer!

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